‘Quinoa from Holland’ dichterbij dan je denkt

Can vegans stomach the unpalatable truth about quinoa?

It’s OK To Eat Quinoa

Quinoa’s Dark Secret

Radio interview eenvandaag Quinoa teelt in nederland

Doe je mee met Quinoa zaaien ?

Teelthandleiding Gierstmelde

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  1. Hi Arthur,
    I heard from you through Ann Dohorty form City Plot.
    My name is Monica and I am a Bolivian urban designer and researched. I and developing an educational project about urban food security and food awareness for La Paz, Bolivia.
    At the same time I am documenting some exempts of UF in Amsterdam to show as inspiration and interviewing people.

    Would love to meet you and have the chance to film some of your Quinoa gardens, since Quinoa is one of the main topics of this project.
    If you think this interests you we should coordinate a meeting!

    I look forward to your response,
    Best regards,

    • admin says:

      wow looks great what you are doing ? what time and day could you meet ? during the week I work as an IT engineer at the VU so it should be in the weekend or evening.
      I have also a little plot at the VU almatuin with Quinoa so if you are around it can happen during lunch.
      at paviljoen van beuningen the plants have already reached a height of 90 cm :)

      kind regards

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